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New Hampshire Solar Garden (NHSG) is excited to be working with the Town of Baldwin as one of our host communities for this beneficial Community Solar Garden that will support the State of Maine's Renewable Energy goal of 80% by 2030 and 100% by 2050!

This community outreach landing page is dedicated to ensure there is NO misinformation and/or details about Community Solar Gardens that is inconsistent with the industry.

Feel free to reach out to us by email with questions,

How our Country and State is rallying around Solar

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What is the Conservation Plan for the property?

  • Only ~20% of the land will be used for solar

  • The area in & around the panels will be planted with pollinator friendly grasses & plants to enhance the habitat

  • Fences will be raised up for small animals to co-mingle in and around the Community Solar Garden

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What are the benefits to the Baldwin Community?

  • The Town, School, businesses & homeowners can sign up to save 10% off their electric bills

  • Improved electrical infrastructure between the site and back to the Baldwin substation for improved resilience

  • Increased tax revenue

  • Educational opportunities for the schools to incorporate a Community Solar Garden right in their town, into the curriculum

  • Reduce Baldwin's dependency on fossil fuels and help fight Climate Change!!!

EPA Carbon Offset_Eliot_Odiorne Lane Solar_2 MWs.JPG

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Climate Stats

  • 7,747,608 miles NOT driven by passenger cars

  • 356,885 gallons of gasoline NOT consumed

  • 1049 tons of garbage NOT put into landfills

  • equal to 3,777 acres of mature trees sequestering carbon 

Town of Milton lowered its $30,000 electric bill by $20,000
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What do NHSG Community Solar Gardens look like?

File_000 (6).jpeg
Dover (5).jpeg
Industrial Park Drive Solar.JPG
Ashby Solar.JPG

What will the telephone poles look like? 

3 phase pole picture_Odiorne Lane Eliot example.jpeg
3 phase pole picture_Beech Road Eliot example.jpeg

Resources & additional industry information

  • What happens to the solar panels once the project is at the end of its life?

  • Learn more by reviewing NHSG planning & zoning general FAQs

  • Does the State of Maine have a Solar Decommissioning plan?

  • Seacoast Online article about "Climate Inactivists"

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